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"A boy met a boy. They were in the flush of youth. They were in love that felt like a dream, like sparkling soda pop."


High school students Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou are as different as day and night. But opposites attract and before they know it, they've embarked on a journey neither one can quite define but which anyone with eyes can see is "Love."

Welcome to the Doukyuusei-Classmates wiki! This is a community project that needs your expertise to bring all things KuSajou to light. Editors are needed to write summaries, character profiles, gather screen captures and other official images. Code writers are supremely welcome to help give the wiki a stylish look, too.

Articles will cover both the manga and its sequels, as well as the anime film. Mangaka Asumiko Nakamura's other works will also be allowed expression as part of the Doukyuusei-Classmates world.

This wiki is dedicated to this very special film, its accompanying media and mangaka. So why not be a part of it? We'd love you to have as a member.

Welcome to the Doukyusei - Classmates Wiki

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In print and ongoing now - Blanc - the latest chapter in their story.

This is a community project where everyone is welcome to contribute their expertise in bringing all things KuSajou to light.  Upcoming articles will cover both the manga and its sequels. Mangaka Asumiko Nakamura's other works will also be allowed expression as part of the Doukyusei-Classmates world.

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What's it about?


High school students Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou meet by chance during a summer study session at their high school and though they're vastly different in temperament and interests, they're drawn to one another.  Before long, they're spending time together and growing closer. Meanwhile, an aggressive teacher sets his sights on Sajou and after preventing an inappropriate interaction between the two, Kusakabe asks Sajou out. Things progress from there. Follow their journey from 2nd-years into young adulthood via the manga or just revel in the beautiful rendering that is "Sincerely, Slowly, Falling in Love," the anime film that is gaining new fans every day. 

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