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Hara-sensei is the choral teacher at First East High School.  He is a rival with Kusakabe for Sajou's affections.

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Hara is a tall man with broad shoulders. He has dark hair that is generally messy and which he parts to one side. He has a soul patch on his chin. He is generally seen in Doukyusei when he is at school dressed in a two-piece suit, white shirt and tie. His tie colors change often.


Hara is rather laid back in his ways. He's a musician who can sing decently. He gets along with his students well, from what can be seen in the anime. He is also a closet rebel who enjoys going up on the roof to smoke cigarettes, even with Kusakabe who is a student. He is self-admittedly homosexual and takes an interest in Sajou because he recognizes that the boy is, as well. Once he knows that Sajou is dating, he talks about being gay with Sajou and even makes a pass at him.




  • "I've known him since his first year. Well, he's pretty smart, so he's popular among the teachers." - Hara-sensei talking about Sajou to Kusakabe.
  • Do you know what it means when two men are "going out"?