Hikaru Kusakabe is a second year high school student. He is an average student, but a talented musician.


Kusakabe has fluffly blond hair and droopy eyes that always make him look sleepy. He is very thin and seems to be a bit bow legged. He likes to wear jewelry including bracelets and earrings.


Kusakabe is a free spirit. He likes people and they like him. He is very comfortable with himself and usually speaks his mind.


Kusakabe falls in love with Sajou but is seen to be friendly with many of his classmates.  He is also close friends with one of his bandmates, whose name is not revealed in the movie. Kusakabe's father is alive and sometimes attends his concerts. He has a pretty open relationship with his teacher, Hara-sen and although Hara-sen expresses interest in Sajou, Kusakabe isn't judgmental, just clear that Sajou is with him, not Hara-sen. Kusakabe dates girls but doesn't stay with them long or express deep feelings for them.


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"Do you think the glasses get in the way during kissing?" (To Sajou)